Conquering the Snow: An In-depth Look at Snowmobile Track Lengths

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Whether you're a seasoned rider looking for a deeper understanding of your sled or a newbie in the world of snowmobiling, understanding snowmobile track lengths is a crucial element of the experience. Snowmobile track lengths not only influence the handling and performance of your sled, but they also play a role in snowmobile maintenance and the type of snowmobile you may choose when looking at used snowmobiles. This article delves into the details of short, mid-length, and long tracks, offering insight into the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Short Tracks (Typically 120" to 129")

Short tracks are typically found on trail performance snowmobiles and are perfect for hard-packed snow. They offer riders an unmatched degree of maneuverability, making them perfect for winding trails or groomed runs. The short length of these tracks provides quick acceleration, allowing you to respond rapidly to changes in terrain or to overtake on trails.

However, one thing to keep in mind with short track snowmobiles is that they require diligent snowmobile maintenance. The higher revs and increased stress on the track can lead to more wear over time, requiring careful inspection and frequent servicing.

Additionally, if you're considering buying used snowmobiles with short tracks, it's a good idea to thoroughly inspect the condition of the track, paying particular attention to any signs of excessive wear or tear.

2024 Polaris 850 INDY XC 129 - Short Track Snowmobile


Mid-Length Tracks (Typically 136" to 146")

Mid-length tracks offer a balance between the maneuverability of short tracks and the deep-snow capabilities of longer tracks. These tracks are typically found on crossover snowmobiles that can handle both groomed trails and moderate off-trail riding. The additional length provides better flotation in softer snow compared to short tracks, enhancing the versatility of the sled.

When considering mid-length tracks, snowmobile maintenance is just as important as with short tracks. The extra length can lead to additional strain on the drive system, so regular checks and timely servicing are key.

If you're looking into buying used snowmobiles with mid-length tracks, ensure to check for uneven wear across the length of the track, which could indicate issues with alignment or suspension.

2024 POLARIS 650 SKS 146 - Mid Length Track Snowmobile


Long Tracks (Typically 154" to 174")

Long tracks are the ultimate choice for deep snow and mountain riding. These track lengths provide excellent flotation, allowing the snowmobile to ride on top of the snow rather than sinking into it. This makes them perfect for riding in deep powder or challenging mountainous terrain.

However, the increased length and surface area of these tracks can make them harder to handle on groomed trails or flat terrain. They also require meticulous snowmobile maintenance as the extra length and exposure to harsh conditions can accelerate wear.

When looking at used snowmobiles with long tracks, it's crucial to check for signs of damage from hidden obstacles that might have been encountered in deep snow rides.

2023 Polaris 850 PRO RMK SLASH 163 3" Long Track Sled


In the world of snowmobiling, there's a snowmobile track length for every kind of rider and every type of terrain. By understanding these different lengths, you can find the right fit for your snowy adventures, whether it involves gliding through groomed trails or forging your path in untouched powder.

And remember, no matter what track length you choose, proper snowmobile maintenance is crucial to ensuring a smooth and safe ride. In addition, before you pull the trigger on a purchase, consider the space you'll need for storing your snowmobile in relation to track length. We hope this guide helping you get ready for your next adventure!

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