Snowmobile Storage: Tips and Tricks

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Hey fellow snowmobile enthusiasts! With winter behind us, it's time to store our beloved sleds for the summer. Follow this casual, easy-to-follow checklist to ensure your snowmobile is primed and ready for the next season:


Inspection Time

  • Check for leaks, broken parts, and wear in moving components.
  • Address any issues before storing.


Squeaky Clean

  • Give your snowmobile a good scrub using mild soap and a soft brush, paying special attention to the underside, suspension, and engine area.
  • Let it dry completely before storage.

Battery Love

  • If your snowmobile has an electric start and built-in port for a trickle charger, you're in luck! Keep it connected throughout the summer.
  • For other sleds, simply expose the battery and hook it up to a trickle charger.


Engine TLC

  • Change the oil and filter before storage.
  • Refill with top-quality synthetic snowmobile oil and use a reliable filter.


Fogging the Engine

  • Check your owner's manual to see if your two-stroke snowmobile has an integrated engine-fogging feature.
  • If not, apply a fogging oil to protect the engine from corrosion and damage during storage.


Fuel Management

  • Opt for non-ethanol fuel and consider adding additives like Sea Foam or Sta-Bil.
  • If using ethanol fuel, replace it with non-ethanol fuel or use an enzyme treatment.


Grease and Lubricate

  • Grease essential parts and change chaincase oil before storage.
  • Use WD-40 or a similar spray to protect parts from rusting, but avoid the clutch area.


Belt Removal

  • Keep the belt on if starting the sled monthly; otherwise, remove it for easier movement.


Location, Location, Location

  • Store your sled in a climate-controlled garage or shed, if possible.
  • If outdoor storage is your only option, make sure to protect metal components from corrosion using a high-quality metal protector.
  • Apply water-resistant grease to fittings for added protection.

Elevate Your Ride

  • Lift the track off the ground using a block or snowmobile stand under the bumper, which will also raise the skis.


Critter-Free Zone

  • Use mothballs, chicken wire, or rubber balls to prevent mice and other animals from nesting in your snowmobile.


Cover Up

Summer Start-up

  • Start your snowmobile once a month for 2-3 minutes to prevent sediment deposits and keep seals from drying out.


By following this simple checklist, you'll save on costly repairs and ensure your snowmobile is ready to hit the trails when winter returns. It may be worth considering that the warm season can be a great time to upgrade your snowmobile as prices fall. Lock in a sled loan from our snowmobile financing partner and buy from anywhere in Canada including KIJIJI and Facebook Marketplace.

Enjoy your summer, and stay tuned for more snowmobile tips and tricks!

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