Top 5 Snowmobile Destinations in Alberta, Canada

Snowmobiling is a fantastic way to enjoy the cold season in Alberta. Through the province you'll find thousands of kilometres of trails ranging from beginner groomed paths to difficult ungroomed destinations for experienced sledders. Whether you're looking for a thrilling ride through a dense forest, a trek up a snowy mountainside, or a fun day with the kids in the great outdoors, Alberta has something for everyone. Today we'll have a look at five of the top destinations for sledding throughout our beautiful province.

Home to landscapes unimaginable to most, Crowsnest pass is the perfect destination for a thrilling ride. Nestled where the foothills of Southern Alberta meet the stunning peaks of the Rocky Mountains, you'll find over 1,200km of trailers to explore ranging from well groomed beginners paths to the most challenging of adventures. The season typically attracts thousands of visitors and spans from November to the end of March. Full route maps are available at the visitors center. Check out the Crowsnest Pass website for more information.

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The town of Athabasca is rich in 19th century history, even predating the railway in Alberta as a landing trail. This history continues to this day as is extends into one of the most expansive snowmobile trail networks in the province. Fortunately for modern day, the Athabasca River Runners provide easy to follow trail maps so we can enjoy the pleasures of this beautiful destination. An absolute must visit that should be on any sledders list. Here is an old, but still good video of a run out near Athabasca:

This is lowkey one of the best spots to visit in Alberta. Not only is the town itself a wintersports dream with a number of key snowmobile dealers, but the trails within a stones throw give way to some fantastic exploration. While we have visited this same route ourselves, nobody puts it in better words than the Snow Seekers Staff in their personal account. Check it out at

Northern Alberta is full of marvels that are hard to describe and which must be experienced to truly realize. Grande Praire is home to a number of prominent trails with two specfic locales close by that give reason for it to be listed as a hotspot. The first is "Big Mountain" which lies about 20 minutes south via Highway 40. They have some fantastic beginners level trails and warm up shelters providing a nice break in the day. The second is a bit more ominous and further in "Kakwa Park", approximately two and half hours south. This destination is reached via highway 666 and features well over 100km of trails with sensational mountain range views.

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Last, but definitely not least, Alberta Beach provides both a safe and thrilling snowmobile trek for riders of all skill levels. With guidance from the Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club, there are countless groomed trails in this area are not to be missed. We spent the day out here while enjoying and appreciating the beauty of Alberta right under our tracks.

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Whether you're looking to tackle the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains or a fun family getaway, Alberta has the answer for you. We hope you'll enjoy these locales as much as we did on our visits. And if you're looking for more in depth and continued information, Travel Alberta has a dedication snowmobile page that is a must follow.